Our District Needs Change


Growing up, I was told stories about the American dream. I was told this dream is within reach for anyone who is willing to work hard, make personal sacrifices, and pursue an education. That’s why I worked hard in New Rochelle public schools, so that I could attend SUNY Oswego and receive a bachelor’s degree.

Then I woke up from that dream. I woke up to insurmountable student debt. Like so many Americans, I'm saddled with so much debt that I’m not able to save money, plan to buy a house, or even afford a $500 emergency. Living paycheck to paycheck and always worrying about the future is not the American dream - it's the American nightmare.

The nightmare gets worse when we look at the state of our planet- the home we’re leaving to our children. Our leaders are unwilling to challenge fossil fuel robber barons, and they would leave an unsafe planet- a planet with floods, extreme weather, and severe instability. My younger siblings don’t deserve this dangerous future just because a select few millionaires and billionaires aren’t happy with what they already have.

Fossil fuel industry executives aren’t the only robber barons in our society. The richest 1% of the country hold more wealth than the bottom 90% of Americans. How are we supposed to believe in a dream of liberty, equality, and justice for all, when our country is being held hostage by a small but powerful minority who rigs the economy and our political system in their favor?

But we the many are much stronger than the few. That’s what gives me hope and keeps me going when it feels hopeless, and it’s why I decided to run for Congress in New York’s 16th Congressional District.

The incumbent and his colleagues have spent too much of our precious time, energy, and resources on the same policies and plans that have proven not to work. They ignore our biggest crises and run our economy into the ground for the benefit of a few wealthy donors. I refuse to take their dirty Corporate PAC money. That’s not what real democracy looks like. It takes everyday people stepping up and saying that we won’t stand for it any more. I need your help so that our district can lead the way in the fight of our lifetime!

                                                                                                                                                     - Kenny