The rise of the "Me too" movement has changed the conversation around sexual assault and harassment in America. As a survivor of sexual violence, I applaud the heroic women and men who led the charge in the fight to end the stigma towards survivors of sexual violence. I also know that the fight is far from over - we have a long way to go to ensure that people who are survivors of such violence can have justice.


Congressional claims of harassment can't be covered up. Taxpayers have spent 17 million dollars over the course of 20 years paying settlements for harassment cases in Washington. Any settlements that are made between a member of congress and a victim of unwanted sexual advances needs to be paid for by the member, not the taxpayers. Additionally, Congress belongs to the people and any settlements that are made need to be made public.


Reversing Betsy Devos' terrible title IX rules. Education secretary Betsy DeVos delivered new guidance on title IX and how colleges and universities should handle sexual assault and harassment cases, and they make students less safe. It changes the rules to weaken when a school is obligated to investigate harassment claims, and it releases colleges of their responsibility to investigate sexual assault claims that happen off-campus, which is absolutely unacceptable.

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