Fighting Climate Change and Promoting Sustainability

The climate is changing, humans are the cause of it, and the threat it presents is existential to our planet and all life on it. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports that we have only 11 years to solve climate change, and any proposal to do that needs to match the scale of the problem we are dealing with.


Climate change is a threat to our planet, but it is also an opportunity for our economy. We have an opportunity to transition our economy to 100% renewable energy while creating millions of good paying jobs for Americans all over the country. I enthusiastically support the proposal for a Green New Deal, which would do exactly that while also investing in critical areas of American infrastructure and underserved communities nationwide.


Environmental justice. Staying true to our values of sustainability doesn't just mean fighting back against climate change, it also means working in communities that suffer from lack of clean air and water, and fighting back against "food deserts." The water in Flint is still dirty, and communities like Flint all over the country lack the ability to adequately solve problems; the government should step in and make sure that no one in America is drinking poisonous water or breathing toxic air.


Coastal communities need to be prepared for a changing climate. One of my favorite things about this district is its proximity to the water, and while I believe that makes this place great, it also makes our communities vulnerable to flooding. As we move to fight back against climate change, we need to make sure that communities like ours are prepared for the possibility of rising tides and stronger storms.

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