Criminal Justice Reform

Our country is great because it comes with the promise of equal protection under the law, but we have watched as the wars on drugs and poverty have turned our system into a for-profit scheme that has torn apart families and destroyed vulnerable communities. In order to restore Americans faith in the justice system we have to return to a system that fairly distributes justice and does not carry on a cycle of systemic violence that impacts the most vulnerable among us.


End private prisons and cash bail. No one should be profiting off of people going to prison. It perpetuates a cycle of mass incarceration that takes aim at poor people, people of color, and immigrants. We need to end private, for-profit prisons and cash bail.


End the federal prohibition on marijuana. We have put a generation of people in prison for recreational usage of a drug that is harmless and that wealthy white people often use with no worry at all. Those who sit in prisons for marijuana charges should be released, and tax revenue taken from the sale of recreational marijuana should be used to rebuild communities that have been destroyed by the war on drugs.


Fully fund justice reform. In order to make our justice system truly equitable we need to make sure that public defenders' offices are fully funded and that prisons have programs that work on mental health for incarcerated inmates. Additionally, the recidivism rate in the United States is too high and we should ensure that prisons have the tools they need to install programs that reduce this rate and allow those who were formerly incarcerated to reenter society.

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