Foreign Policy

The United States has been involved in some form of military conflict for almost all of its existence, and our current engagements in the Middle East have been going on for almost as long as I have been alive. These engagements take an incredible toll on American lives, American tax dollars, and America's moral conscience. Being the world's preeminent superpower does not mean that we need to barrel into every military conflict, it means that we should be true to the alliances that have kept the world safe for the better part of a century and exercise proper restraint where it is necessary.


Focus on peace. The United States should not wade into every military conflict that exists and Presidents cannot be allowed to stumble into conflict without proper authorization from Congress. We must allow Congress to reclaim its role in this process by stopping funding for unnecessary wars. In reclaiming its role as an equal partner in foreign policy decisions, Congress can also work to bring our troops home from overseas.


Military Spending. Our military spending is unjustifiable. We spend more on the military than the next seven countries combined, spending upwards of 700 billion dollars annually. We also are spending TRILLIONS of dollars on programs that fund new fighter jets or upgrades to our nuclear arsenal, all while our infrastructure crumbles, students drown in insurmountable debt, and we remain unprepared for the climate crisis. At the exact time we are getting reports from news agencies and the inspector general at the pentagon that the military has been caught wasting hundreds of billions of dollars, we need to decrease military spending and use that money to focus on domestic affairs.


The Defense Lobby. The defense industry is one of the most powerful industries in the entire country, and their lobbyists in Washington work to make sure that our military spending is as high as it is to keep their pockets lined. The incumbent in this district takes hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations every cycle form the defense industry, and it shows in his voting record on foreign policy.

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