Gun Control

I grew up in an era where mass shootings were becoming more and more common. Mass shootings are a uniquely American problem, in no other developed country in the world are there so many mass shootings. In 2018 there were more than 300 mass shootings - we are failing in our responsibility to our fellow Americans, especially children, by staying silent on gun violence.


Assault weapons ban. There is no way that the founders ever could have planned for the type of weapons that we have now when they wrote the second amendment, and we have a responsibility to make sure that our laws are up to date. We had an assault weapons ban once and it made the country safer - we need to reinstate it and make it permanent.


The "boyfriend" loophole. We often see that the perpetrators of mass shootings are those who have a history of domestic violence or stalking in relationships. These same people are not barred from purchasing firearms and they should be. We need to pass legislation that bars people with a history of abuse, domestic violence, or stalking from buying a weapon.


Universal background checks. This is the lowest-hanging fruit there could possibly be in terms of preventing gun violence. According to a recent survey, more than 10% of people who purchased firearms did so without passing a background check. We need to pass legislation that requires every person who buys a gun at a store, at a gun show, or online, to pass a background check to do so.

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