Restoring a Healthy Democracy

Ours is the oldest Democracy in the world and it has been used as a model for other countries.  However, we have allowed big corporations and wealthy political donors to purchase stakes in our elections and buy control of large parts of our government. Americans all over the country are losing faith in our democratic process.


Overturn Citizens United. The Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case gave corporations the ability to spend unlimited sums of money in our electoral process. Corporations can use however much money they'd like to buy seats in all 50 state legislatures, Governor's mansions, the United States Congress, and the White House. We need a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision.


No Corporate Money. As a candidate for office I promise to never take corporate/Super PAC money, nor will I ever have a Super PAC of my own. Politicians are supposed to represent the people in their districts, not the lobbyists in their offices. Taking thousands of dollars in corporate donations clouds the judgement of elected officials and corrupts our political process.


Transparency and Campaign Finance. The legislation in Congress to clean up our campaign finance system is an enormous step in the right direction. Publicly funded elections, requiring Super PACs to disclose donors, and forcing social media sites to disclose who's buying political ads on their platforms are critical reforms that would be good for our democracy.


End Gerrymandering. We have seen state legislatures all over the country rig electoral maps so that politicians are left to pick their voters and not the other way around. We need to establish an independent, federally funded redistricting commission for all 50 states.


Statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico. There are millions of Americans who live in Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico who are without proper representation in Congress, we can correct this injustice by granting statehood to these parts of the country.


Abolish the Electoral College. The electoral college is a relic of an old world that only serves to stifle real and meaningful participation in our democracy, we should abolish it.

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