America is a country of immigrants, and as New Yorkers we know that immigrants and all that they bring to this country are what really makes us great. Our community is strong because of our diversity, with 30% of the residents in this district being people who immigrated to the United States, and we should celebrate and protect that diversity.


It's time to abolish ICE. The behavior of ICE is unconscionable and flies in the face of American values. ICE has become an unaccountable organization that intimidates our immigrant communities and rips children away from their parents at the southern border. There is no excuse for any child to die in ICE custody and each time it happens is a national tragedy. There is neither a moral justification nor a security justification to continue to fund ICE.


Send me your tired, your poor... This country was always meant to be a refuge for those looking for a better life, and that is still true for those who come here looking for jobs, education, or a safe place to live with their families. Accepting immigrants and asylum seekers in a humane way is not only good for our country and economy, it is also the right thing to do. We need to live up to our values by ensuring humane treatment for asylum seekers and by providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.


No wall, ever. Calls to erect a border wall are nothing more than racist rhetoric. A wall on the border would be wasteful and would not make us safer. We need to fight any attempt to build a wall.

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