In 2017 the American Society of Civil Engineers gave America's infrastructure a D+ rating, the wealthiest country in the history of mankind has an almost failing grade when it comes to infrastructure. In Westchester and the Bronx we have seen the effects of deteriorating infrastructure and how that impacts the everyday lives of people trying to get to and from work or school. Road conditions have diminished leading to poorer traffic conditions and increased environmental stress. The subway system in the Bronx and the rest of New York City is terrible, with some of the worst on-time performances among any major subway system in the world.


Invest in infrastructure. Infrastructure repair is one of the only issues in Washington that unites Democrats and Republicans alike, so it’s time to put together a plan that properly invests in infrastructure repair - anything less than a one trillion dollar investment wouldn't do justice to our repair needs. 9.1% of the bridges in the country are structurally deficient, in the Bronx that number is as high as 16% and traffic issues on our roadways cost the country 160 billion dollars annually in wasted time and gas.


Infrastructure is not just roads and highways. While our overall infrastructure is rated with a D+ our water infrastructure comes in worse with a D grade, with six billion gallons of drinking water being wasted every single day. Additionally, the water in places like Flint are still contaminated because of the lead piping, and there are 6.1 million lead service lines all over the country. These service lines are old and being replaced at a rate that would take 200 years to complete, we need to hasten the process to avoid more tragedies like what is still happening in Flint and strengthen our water systems to avoid so much wasted water.


Fixing our infrastructure means more jobs. With a Federal Jobs Guarantee or a Green New Deal, the government could get to work repairing infrastructure in places all over the country while putting millions of Americans back to work. We can invest in jobs that target bridge and road repair, improving air and seaports, rail travel, water infrastructure, waste management, and more while also strengthening the economy.

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