Medicare for All

The per capita cost of healthcare in the United States is the highest in the developed world, with other wealthy countries spending half on healthcare as we do here. The high cost of healthcare is bad for the economy and bad for the country. We don't have to live in the richest country in history while also spending the most on healthcare, and we shouldn't.


Healthcare is a human right. The United States should join the rest of the developed world in guaranteeing health care to all of its citizens by ensuring that every single one of us can go to the doctor when we need to and not worry about going bankrupt. A single-payer healthcare system would expand access to all Americans and lower healthcare costs.


Single-payer is the end goal. There are a lot of proposals among Democrats that would help close the gap in the number of uninsured people we have in the United States right now - but a single-payer system must always be the end goal. Our multi-payer system puts profits over patients and allows corporations to control too much of the industry and put people’s lives at risk. Having one payer (the government) would lower costs and remove the onerous parts of our healthcare system (like CEO pay, for example).


Single-Payer is good for businesses. American business owners spend over one trillion dollars each year on healthcare costs for their employees. A single-payer health care system would allow business owners to forgo those costs and use that extra money to expand the business, pay their employees more, or take home more money to their families.


Single-Payer is good for workers. A single-payer healthcare system would allow workers greater freedom over their lives. Americans would have the ability to leave a job without concern for what would happen to them or their loved ones' access to care; they would be able to start new business ventures, get a degree, or take time off without ever worrying about if they can go to the doctor when they're sick.

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