The largest generation in American history is trying to enjoy their retirement, and we made a promise to them that programs that they paid into would be there for them when they retired so that they could do so with dignity. Any attempts to cut or privatize programs like Social Security are an affront to that promise and we should fight any attempts to do so.


Social Security is one of the most successful social programs in the history of our country that has helped lift millions of people out of poverty and we need to protect the program and expand its benefits. We should raise the cap on taxable income to ensure the solvency of the program in the future. Additionally, by increasing the minimum benefits paid to seniors we can lower the senior poverty rate like we did with the original establishment of the program.


Medicare and Medicaid. We need to provide universal healthcare to everyone in the United States but until we make that a reality we need to ensure the strength of both Medicare and Medicaid, two programs that provide healthcare to millions of seniors. We must fight attempts by Republicans to privatize these programs or attempt to divert money from them while calling them “entitlements.”

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