Women's Rights

The rights of women have progressed only after tremendous sacrifice and work on the part of those who are most affected by injustice. We have a responsibility to honor the women who paved the way for advances like Roe v. Wade and make sure that we continue to protect the rights that they fought for and correct the wrongs that women face in America today.


Pay equity for women. The gender pay gap is a stain on this country's moral conscience. While this is an injustice against all women, it disproportionately impacts women of color; we have a responsibility to take an intersectional approach to solve this problem and ensure that all women can receive equal pay for equal work.


Right to choose. Women have a right to make their own decisions about what happens in their lives, and no politician should get in the way of that. We need to always fight to make sure that women have access to health services like abortion, and we should also work to repeal the Hyde Amendment - which prohibits federal tax dollars from being spent on abortion services.


Reproductive healthcare. Just as we must do with abortion, we also have to make sure that women have access to critical reproductive healthcare services. We must provide adequate funding to organizations like Planned Parenthood and community centers all over the country that provide quality care to millions of women nationwide.


Paid parental leave. The United States is the only country in the developed world that does not have a national family paid leave policy. We can correct this problem with ease by passing the FAMILY Act, introduced in the House by Representative Rose DeLauro and in the Senate by Kirsten Gillibrand which would provide 12 weeks of paid family leave for both mothers and fathers.

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